Thursday, November 21, 2013

5 months of "Light" in our lives...

 We can't believe how many changes this little girl has gone through this month.
We see such a different little girl, so many skills that she's mastered and so many that she is working on.
Her laughs and giggles come much more frequently now, and she easily cracks a gummy smile at mommy's dance moves, daddy's funny voices, or alexio and his funny tail.

She is officially tall enough to use the walker and she loves the ability to stand on her own! She has a blast bouncing up and down and moving backwards, which is a skill she figured out this week while working at the church with her daddy. 

 This month, she learned to blow through her lips and make funny sounds.
She does it a lot when she's hanging out in her jumper or walker. Here are some of her silly blowing faces.

One of the most exciting things about this month was starting her on solids.
I was trying to wait til 6 months, but she went through this LONG growth spurt and would eat every two hours (even through the night-sometimes she'd eat every hour!) and she grew 12 ounces in two weeks! And a whole inch. She knew just what to do when we fed her and was so excited to be eating from a spoon. 
Here are some pics from her first time trying solids-daddy got to feed her!:)

 Since then, we've tried lots of different foods, and her favorites are oatmeal with pureed peaches, apples, peas, or carrots and her favorite fresh food are avocados and bananas. (she especially loves avocados though! She has those in the middle of the day as a snack:)) We have a lot of fun trying different stuff and giving her little bits of what we're eating. 

 Lux knows how to travel from point A to point B now, from scooting around on her tummy and rolling from place to place. She is extremely mobile and is never where you put her down-she's always on the move - usually after a toy or Alexio's stuff.
 Whenever she makes it off her blankets, Alexio decides to take over her spot and lounges there for a good long while.
 But this time, Lux made her way back to her blanket and toys and Alexio was still sitting there.
So she tried to get the blanket from under him.

Lux went through a couple days that freaked me out.
She refused to nurse and would only take a bottle.
sitting up.
and watching Xfactor.

For some reason, being a big girl those days were important to her, and laying in mommy's arms and nursing was beneath her!
Fortunately, she forgot about it a couple days later, and now we're back to snuggling and nursing again.
I promise, I'm not a horrible person…i just found her reaction kinda funny.
She has developed a strange fear of the vacuum.
Which is funny, because, the first three months of her life, she was totally soothed by the vacuum.
Now, whenever the vacuum comes close, she kicks and panics and makes screeches noises. 
However, I vacuum every day, because well, between me and the dog, it's just better if i do.
 Lux loves this thing. 
I fill it up with whatever I'm eating or fruit or a veggie and she chews away and gets the yummy flavors.
She has a blast sticking it in and taking it out, sticking it in and taking it back out. over and over and over again.
 She's wearing her bear outfit more and more nowadays. I had used it as a halloween costume, but it's actually her winter outwear. One day i took her out of her carseat and carried her around in her bear suit, and so many people stopped me to tell me they thought i was carrying an actual teddy bear.
didn't quite know what to thnk of that;).
Although, the teddy bear I did have in my arms was pretty cute and cuddly.
Lux has been doing a lot of fun practice steps around the house. She can take big steps and toddle around while we hold her up. She still hasn't figured out how to do that in her walker going forward.
 Alexio has been reverting back to being a baby.
Lol, just kidding. 
But sometimes, I feel like he is. Like he wants to do the same thing Lux does because he's seen her do that.
Here we have a frequent happening of his: I'll sit there with Lux and a blanket, and Alexio plops down on Lux. Which makes me scream and try to get him off of her, but she's also taking things into her own hands and has kicked him off of her.
 Her favorite toys this month are this monkey that her Auntie Ash gave her when she was born and a fun musical french cell phone that my aunt gave her. She takes the monkey with her when she goes down for naps, and it's sweet watching her hug him and snuggle with him. With the cell phone, she pushes it away, then scoots up to it, then pushes it away, then scoots up to it. 
Well, this was a short preview of Lux and Her wonderful 5th month. Each day is so much better than the last, because of her newfound abilities and skills that she's figuring out! She's such a blast, and both her daddy and I rush over to spend as much time with her as we can.

Lux Ann, You are the most special little girl in the word to us. We love those gummy smiles that you flash at us all the time and those giggles that come out of you. we love how chubby your legs are, and how yummy your cheeks are! We could just nibble on you all day long!
Love you so much little one.

 Mommy and Daddy

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Ginger Garner said...

She is growing so fast. I love the pics of her with her daddy. There is something special about a girl and her daddy.