Friday, June 22, 2012

Litin life

A team of us lived in Litin in the newly built orphanage, the Joshua House.
The Joshua house will house about 20 kids (per side) and will have a set of house parents. We got the privilege to be the first to stay there and the first house parents of the Joshua house were our hosts! 

I think the best part about staying in Litin was always being around the people that we worked with all day long. We had access to the kids throughout the day, and many times they'd be running around outside waiting to hang out. 
We spent so much time with our host family, Pasha and Nastya, and (our wonderful) cook, Luba,'s family, as well as extended family of both, and people from the village. 
Sometimes we had kids waiting for us at 7 in the morning, before we were out and about!

Anyways, these pics are just some of the team, both American and Ukrainian, hanging out and some of the crazy things that brought us close as a team. When you work, live, and play with your team, it brings a special kind of unity that I feel God provided for us to work well together. 

My roommate was my little sister, Ashley:) Here's she is beside her bed.

Meal times were some of my FAVORITE times of the day. Fellowship happens over meals here-and Luba and Nastya provided incredible meals for us! Many times we'd eat with the Ukrainians as well-which was wonderful.
The best honey in the world-which we got to see where it all came from later on in the week.
Every afternoon, volleyball was the chosen activity.
Both Ukrainians and Americans played VERY competitively over the net.
(HIGHLIGHT)The cool thing is that Ashley (my sister) was chatting with some of our Ukrainian friends, and they are still playing volleyball and inviting non believing friends to join them. Just from hanging out and playing with them, it's turned into an outreach ministry, and from volleyball they've been inviting their friends to join them at church. Every Wednesday and SAturday, they have organized volleyball matches!

Inspiring, isn't it?! God is so amazing how He makes a simple thing into a way to bring others to Him.

One morning, a bunch of us left early morning (5 AM) to take a hike through the village to Pasha's family's house to milk a cow.
But, after we milked the cow, they treated us to a whole early morning of fun, picking cherries and strawberries, and eating a great first breakfast with his family in the village.
Such a fun experience.
The beehives that gave us the best honey in the world!!!
This is the place that Pasha is building (with his own hands) a house for his wife and baby girl.
So in years time, there'll be a house here!
Magical and quaint! 
Looks like something from Hunger games;)

Pasha and Vassa made these SWEET bow and arrows from Ashley and Arianna. They really worked too! And then at the end of the week, Artem (Luba's son) brought a real bow and arrow to try out. 
Sweet girls! Tanya (who is absolutely amazing at getting all the snacks ready on time, and Lena, Pasha's sister, whom we got to spend lots of time with!
The little Magazines (stores) are fun to visit and get afternoon treats from.
Evenings were always spent with our hosts family, cook's family, and Litin teens and kids. 
From playing frisbee, to catch, to games, our time after camp was so well spent.

One last final Litin Team picture with our host family and Luba, who cooked the most wonderful food.
Being at the Joshua house was a privileged experience that I don't think any of us will ever forget:)
So thankful to be a part of this ministry with such a great team. 


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

sweet post! i love seeing all of these ukraine posts! the first one of ashley on the floor cracked me up. haha!

Angel said...

all your pictures are SO good! ahh and i loved mealtimes too. i love how we all stayed for a while a talked most of the nights.