Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Litin Bible Camp #1

I took over 2,000 pictures of the past three weeks, and it's been difficult to decide which pictures to post...so you'll have a wide variety of snapshots of our trip in the next few posts:)
I'm pretty much bursting with joy from this trip, and it's been a hard transition being back to normal life in Storm Lake, but I can't help but go back to how GREAT God was over the past few weeks. I've been blessed more than I can express and the work with the CBC team and the Ukrainian team ministered to me in more ways than one. It was refreshing and so encouraging...it was so good to have a team of people supporting each other.

I was on a team in the village of Litin.
We put on Bible Camps, one in the morning for kiddos, and one in the afternoon for teenagers.
It was incredibly fun.
Here are pics from the morning camp.
We had three rotations, games, Bible lessons, and crafts, with opening and closing ceremonies.

My little sister taught:)

We had such enthusiastic, fun, and interactive music leaders;)

Our team and some of the Vinnitsa team that came to visit that day:)

 Praising God for this camp. 
Mornings were always a blast to look forward to, as the kids would show up outside our house, ready to go:) 
It was a blessing to serve these kids, but honesty, I don't think they realize what a blessing they were to us.

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