Saturday, June 23, 2012

Litin Camp #2 -afternoons

 Our afternoon camp was more like a youth group styled time with the teenagers. 
It was cool though, because Drew clothed all the highschoolers with tshirts, and i think that made a lot of the teens feel a sense of belonging there.

We usually played a couple crazy weird fun games, and then Drew would share a short lesson and we'd sing some worship songs together, in both English and Ukrainian. It's really one of the most beautiful things you can listen to.

We always had a few kids join us in the afternoon with the teenagers...they had fun, and they were great to have there!

And after camp, there was a shift over to the school across the street with the play ground and volleyball net, and everyone (except myself-i usually decided to take pics or play with the lil kids at their workout playground) would play competitive games of volleyball until the American team was called in for dinner. 
Such fun afternoons with these teenagers! We hadn't even planned beforehand to have a teenage camp, it just kinda worked out that way! God has a way of having much better plans than we have for ourselves:)

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