Wednesday, December 14, 2011

pardon the delay

My apologies on updating my blog.
My blog is usually the first place I go with pictures or stories or updates.
However, most of what I've been taking pics of usually have to do with our little foster boy.
and I can't post pics showing who he is or disclose any info on him.
so that's my excuse, i know, probably not a very good one.
But so much has happened in the past couple months!!!
I'll let pics tell you the story of the past couple of months:).

we went to Kansas for thanksgiving.
These are ryan's toys from when he was a kid.
He brought them out and it entertained our lil guy for hours over the weekend.

 It's always so good to see our family.
Such a refreshing time monkey in' around with Katie again;)
 She got tired;).
 Here's the early morning hour after a snow day in our home. I love the serenity of our main room when there is the warm lighting of the Christmas tree and the white snow background outside the window.

 We always celebrate birthdays with this family:)
This month we celebrated Damian's 10th birthday. 
I can't believe he's already ten.
This night on his birthday I had this conversation with him while it was just the two of us in the car...
*true story*
"Damian, I can't believe you're ten already. I remember when I first met you. You were a little shrimp of a kid cuz you were in f1st grade and it was my first day of work at the school.
You punched a kid and it was my first recess duty ever and when i tried to talk to you about punching the kid you RAN CIRCLES AROUND ME and called me the "B" word!!!"
He reached over and hugged my arm while I was driving and he goes, 
"I know!!! I'm SORRY!!!!!" 
We both laughed at the memory and then while he was still hugging my arm he looks up at me and said,
"But told me about Jesus."

Boy, i tell you, that made my heart skip a beat and melt. 

here we go to the many wonderful memories of the past couple months.
I wish i could show you some of my favorite sweetest cutest pics of our lil guy, but i can't. 
More to come though!:) 

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