Saturday, December 17, 2011

3rd grade concert

 Getting three kids ready for a third grade concert was crazy and yet so fun.
Everyone was running back and forth in the house, trying to get their hair ready, get dressed, and asking, "what do i wear???" or "Do I look good like this??!!!" 
We had a full house of people while everyone was rushing back and forth getting ready.
Right after school, i had three 3rd graders and two highschoolers until the concert, so we played a few games together, ordered a couple pizzas, and headed to the school.

Such a fun night full of fun memories.

Here are two of our high school supporters;). 
They're two people who are wonderful with the kids that we are involved with. We can usually count on them to cheer for the kiddos and be extra support and encouragement:). 
Each child got their individual shot by the tree...
Again, i can't show our lil guy's pics, so  many of our great pics aren't going to be online, but here are some of our sweet friends that we had the privilege of going to the concert with.

Karen did this lil gal's hair for the concert. They two ladies turned out guest bathroom into  pamper room for her:).
Damian decided to go with his hair completely spiked up like an anime character.
When I asked, "are you sure you want to go like that?"
He said, "Oh, yes! I LOVE my hair!"
I had some extra boys shirts just his size donated by a couple of wonderful ladies that I work with, so Damian went to the concert looking absolutely handsome.
I tell ya, this kid is growing up fast.
The concert was so fun. Probably the most fun of all the ones we went to this past week...I'll let the pics show you. 
Damian had the big important part of Santa Claus.
Sweet boy, I about teared up every time I heard your voice on the speaker.
3rd grade class.
It was SUCH a fun night.
It ended with a special treat of seeing one of my favorite girls of my favorite students and camper from Summer Sizzle was at the concert! Karen and I were thrilled.
Christmas is full of such fun special things.
The Christmas concert was just one of those many things that we'll get to look back on years away from now.
The night with three crazy 3rd graders, two highschoolers, my hubster, and myself made me look forward to the days that we have a full house of kiddos. 
It was such FUN. I can't even describe how exciting and fun it was for me to have everyone getting ready for the concert.
I felt like i was getting these kids ready for prom. 
and i teared up with each thing they did. 

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