Sunday, March 13, 2011

"how did the NBA players get to be in the NBA?"

"By playing at your age. and playing. and playing and playing."

we played boys against girls-the girls won! (but don't look at me...i only made three of the ten shots;))
it was a sunny day, but we were fooled-it was so cold!
 we played til our fingers felt like they would fall off. 
I found out that I'm so terribly great at the game, that the 9-year old could beat me; and i even tried really hard to beat him.
after it though, i think it was my body's way of saying, "Kristine, you gotta go back to the gym." whew-it was painful and exhausting! 

the past couple weeks have been crazy. I would love to share more details on what God's been doing in my life, but I kinda wish we could just grab a cup of coffee, sit down with some nice music playing, stare out a large floor to ceiling glass window, and talk about EVERYTHING.  But with all that's going on, i'm going to spare you the details and just share some of the highlights of the past couple weeks:

- We've started looking for a house to upgrade to. With our process of going into foster care, we need more room-a couple more bedrooms, some walls between each room (our apartment is just one big great room.) and see, as much as I look forward to kiddos invading our home, I'm pretty sure the kiddos would appreciate not having to stare at me all day long in one big great room-which is why we need some extra walls;).

-i was reminded how much i love going out with my boyfriend, my hubby. I love our time that we get together and this week, we tried out "Wing Night" at a place called Martini's out here in Storm Lake. quarter a wing-my kind of place! We've decided that in addition to date nights on mondays, we're splurging to spend that extra late evening out with each other on Wedsndays...those nights together just don't seem to come quick enough after at the end of the evening:) 

lots to praise God for the past couple weeks, but also lots to pray about. 
Have a great sunday afternoon!

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