Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Right now.

     -Waiting for the mail. I'm on a total blog/instagram/social media giveaway high. After winning THIS (The Weigands HUGE Valentine Giveaway), it's like Christmas everyday waiting for fun packages to arrive. These are only a few of the goodies that have already arrived, and there's still a bunch on it's way to me! I'm having way to much fun with this win, as I've never in my life won anything before. I'm especially excited about the Freshly Picked Moccasins for Lux. Can't wait for her to wear them next fall! Some of the prizes that I won were gift cards, so I had quite the fun time doing some online shopping:) 

(p.s. and while I was typing this blog spot up, I got a notification that I won another sweet giveaway on instagram. um, YAY.)
(so enter giveaways. it's a really fun surprise;))

    -Walks outside with Lux, Ryan, and Alexio. Its been two days of blissful weather and it ends tomorrow. We soaked up the warm sun and fresh air while we could enjoy it.

       - time with friends. After two-three weeks of quarantine, we finally came out of hiding from being sick, and got to see friends. Cherishing these times. And as the weather gets nicer, we'll hopefully to have more times outside playing (and running maybe?) with Lux's friends!

      - with Lux's toes. Her cheeks. Her chubby legs. ya know.
      -this video. I can't stop watching it. over and over again.  and I crack up each time.
    - online window shopping. notice the emphasis on window shopping.
    -reading books on my kindle again. Oh it's so nice ending the day in bed, reading. Hadn't done that since Lux was born because I'd always fall asleep almost instantly whenever i'd start to read. Now that I'm getting a decent amount of sleep each night, I can sit and enjoy books again!
     - baking. It's happening again! I'm getting the urges to bake and cook. not good. not good. we're trying to lose all this winter fat that we stored up the last few months.
    - Songs from Frozen. I think I sing, "Do you want to build a snowman?!" to Ryan and Lux each day, hoping for an actual response. i get none...besides laughs and weird stares.
    - Minimizing the stuff in our house. I've gone through my closet, the game closet, our kitchen, lux's closet, etc. I'm pitching everything and getting ride of everything we don't use or need. I've either thrown things away, donated, or sold stuff. It feels good. Freeing. Refreshing. and yet i still online window shop. haaaa.
    -About Lux turning 1. ONE. three more months and it'll have been a year since that amazing day when she was born. And then I think about all the stuff that happen at one. Birthday party or no birthday party? Just family? Friends? or pitch all that and splurge on professional family pics? I don't know. But I'm definitely getting her a cake. with gray and teal and chevron on it. yup. 

Much is happening in our lives. The weekend was a whirlwind and really kinda exhausting.
It was really nice to just enjoy the day with friends and at home and napping on the couch with lux in my arms (THAT was the best.)

Goodnight, friends.

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

Loved this post! Do more of these!