Sunday, March 23, 2014

9 months of "light" in our lives

So the 9 month photo shoot proved to be the hardest one yet.
It was very unsuccessful since she has decided it's more fun to launch herself off the couch at her daddy then it is to sit still and let mommy take pics.
i mean, duh, right?
So of the 300 something pictures i took of her in this spot, only a couple were clear. The rest, she was a blur in every picture.
I either need photography lessons on how to take pics of an active child, or a new camera. 
lol, i like the idea of the latter option. 

Oh! and i just wanted to point out that I know her sticker on the pillow is actually a number 6, turned upside down.
I used the 9 month one, well, at her 6 month photo shoot.

These pics totally portrays lux as she is.
A fun ball of energy, constantly moving from place to place, with her hands always doing something. 
in all my years of working with kids and babysitting, I've never met such an energetic child.
She's a go getter and always on the move.
She makes us laugh with all that she does. 

These two.
The love for each other is growing tremendously each day. 
They will be best friends eventually, when Lux learns to pet him, rather than pull his bang hair.
She adores him though, and he is reciprocating that adoration now.
He hurries into her room when she wakes up and says hello!
its super cute.

Lux and daddy always hang out before bedtime. Usually they're looking at books together, but there are a handful of times that they rough play together before bed.
and yes, it gets her all excited and riled up before going to sleep, but its worth it. they're so cute together. 
This video cracks us up. However the end is kinda sad, and I was comforting a crying baby after it.

Lux and Laundry isn't a great mix.
She likes to pick up the clothes from the folded laundry and hand them to me or throw them over her shoulders. You can usually find her playing peekaboo with the clothes or climbing the drawers as I put things in them. I also like to dress her in random articles of clothing and mismatch everything from her head to her toes. 

Peek a boo is one of her favorite things to do right now.
She plays peekaboo all the time; when i changed her diaper, she instantly starts to do peek a boo, whenever she gets a hold of laundry, or a blanket, or toys...she has to do peek a boo.
This video just makes me want to nibble on her. she's so so cute.

She filled her seat with these books as I looked at zippy cups. I turn around and find this girl with a stash of stuff in the cart. 

Coffee and donuts is a must on Sunday mornings!:)
Lux is no longer eating her own special baby food, she is eating everything from strawberries to chicken legs. I follow the Baby Led Weaning way of feeding her and its fabulous. 
I just give her slices of food and she gnaws off what she can chew! 
She's a big fan of meat, and avocados, cheese, bananas, strawberries, tilapia, and anything else that I cook.
We haven't found anything that she doesn't like yet...she eats EVERYTHING. 

those to blow raspberries in them:-D
She loves to play peekaboo, even without anything to cover her face. She'll just raise her arms up and down and laugh.

Brushing her teeth is one of Lux's favorite activities to do.
When she gets grouchy before bed, I hand her her toothbrush and all is well in the world. 
Isn't she just so stinking adorable here?
Lux got her first ponytail this month. 
She kinda looked like one of the warriors from Mulan.
Super cute, but resembled a sumo wrestler at some times. So we'll wait a little while longer before giving her another ponytail.
She adores watching Alexio through the door. 
She thinks she's helping him out by responding to him like this.

Lux and her cars. She went to a friend's house and preferred the cars over any of the other toys, so we got out some of our boy toys that we never imagined taking out for Lux. 
when i was a kid, I loved hot wheel cars, so i have no reservations about Lux playing with cars!
This is one of my most favorite videos of this little person.
She talks like this a majority of the day. I wonder what it all means!
But she's beyond adorable when she talks to the laptop with a video of HERSELF. 

This past month, Lux didn't have a ton of new skills, but we feel like she's improved tremendously on the things that she does do. She's super fast in crawling, she pulls herself to standing like a pro with or without anything to grab on to, and tries desperately to pull herself onto the couch. The longest that she has stood alone was probably around 30ish seconds, and she was drinking her zippy cup while standing there. We were pretty impressed.
She is taking 4 bottles a day or about 7 oz each, and eats a ton of solid food, especially if she's the one doing the feeding. If i spoon things in, she doesn't eat as much.

Lux has lots of admirers that says that she's the smiliest and happiest baby.
It's true.
God really blessed us with a joyful little girl.
It was our prayer from the start. We prayed daily together that our little girl would be joyful. and that it'd be contagious.
And God has instilled that in her. We're truly amazed.

She's also very spunky-formal definition of that is "courageous and determined."
That's our strong sweet girl.
I love her personality and her persistence.
I love that she can hold her ground and be independent.
I love how curious she is, from exploring the rooms in the house, to climbing into the fridge and getting stuck when the door clothes. I've found her halfway under our bed as she tried to chew on some bed rails. 
She is so adventurous and so brave. 
She isn't afraid of new situations and is very adaptable to change.
She loves making new friends and is starting to recognize people besides mommy and daddy.

I'm so proud of her and all that she's doing.
We are totally those parents that immediately miss her once she falls asleep at night, talk about her, and look through videos and pictures of the day! 

Dear Lux,
You've taught me about a love that I could never describe. 
You taught me to be selfless, to cherish, to enjoy.
Your life is already a blessing to so many-your smile brings joy and laughter to so many people.
I love that about you. I love that you can cheer up a bad day for even a random stranger. 
We prayed for you to have a bubbly joy that just burst out of you.
And you do have that.
God has amazing plans for your joyful spirit.
We just love you so much baby girl.

Love, Mom and daddy

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