Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sweets and things

My recent obsession of healthier eating has developed a sweet tooth in me. 
It's kinda disturbing how my entire life I've not ever cared for sweets.
And here I am at 24 years old, living a healthier lifestyle, and my tastebuds call out for sweets everyday.
I've made it a mission to find healthy ways to make desserts, cookies, and pies. (I still really don't care for cake. Not appealing to me...yet.)

My husband and 9 year old devoured a strawberry cheesecake a couple weeks ago. Each slice being 300 calories per slice...1/9 of the cheesecake (how to easily slice a round cheesecake into NINE pieces is beyond me...which makes those slices tiny slivers barely enough to taste.) 
Which meant they each had about 600 calories from the serving they got.
So I found a low calorie, low sugar, bake from scratch way to make cheesecake. 
And at 138 calories a slice, it was a guiltless pleasure for myself and the guys to eat. 
It was fun to make;)

Now, these cookies are NOT healthier versions of cookies.
They are each 170 calories PER cookie. (yikes!)
I made these back around Christmas last year and the little guy fell in love with them.
He asked me to make them again, so I did.
I shared them with some of my students and guests, but most of them went into the little guy's stomach.
Red Velvet White Chocolate chip cookies are fun to make, and kinda cool to look at.

Summer vacation is almost here! 
I can almost smell it-you'd better believe that a lot of my days this summer will be filled with cooking and baking:)

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

okay, you can make those red velvet cookies for me any day!