Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I like to lick the batter

One of my favorite parts of baking is when the bowls are empty and all that's left are the creamy streaks of batter that wasn't including in the baking pan. 
I can't help it, I lick the spoon. or whisk. 
The past couple evenings have been so much fun experimenting with two new recipes. 
Blueberry oatmeal muffins and strawberry oatmeal white chocolate chip cookies....

Oh, baby. 
They're fabulous.

I've never had a strawberry cookie before...strawberry and white chocolate cookies taste just like a dessert.
a lower calorie dessert.
with oatmeal and chewy goodness.
These are to die for.

I'm a happy woman in my kitchen cooking or baking. 
the after hours of the day, when things are quiet, lil boy is in bed, and there are no other sounds except for Biggest Loser (yeah, yeah, it's been my motivation) and the spoon hitting the bowl mixing up a new treat...it has been so relaxing to me.
and when my husband comes wandering in to see what I'm baking and to try one of the baked goodies, the ultimate taste test for me happens. I watch his face and see if a big grin comes out of him. 
It's like a dance party in my heart when I see him loving what i make:)

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