Saturday, August 20, 2011

craigslist praise

Well, my husband and I have been busy busy busy.
Some out of the blue, bizzarre, and fun things have been happening in our lives!
First of all, we've finished the moving process today! We finished cleaning up our old home (tried to leave it nicer than we found it!), and brought the last of our things over.
We're almost pretty much settled and very much thankful for this blessing.

We have been praying throughout this past year, but especially since this past spring, for a place to live above ground, with space to have kids, (and selfishly, i was hoping for a very big living room window, glass storm doors, and a spacious kitchen with maybe an island or a place to sit, that was just me though:)) 

God answered out prayers in a big way.
How can i share this story with you without taking forever to do it?
Let's give it a try.
Monday, August 1st, I went on craigslist at 11:00 pm.
a lady posted a "2 bedroom, 2 bath, beautiful place to live, etc.." only minutes before.
I replied.
She replied back.
She told me, "the first people that see this house will want it."
I told her we would like to see it.
I was working the next morning and knew I would not be able to see it.
However, I have some sweet people at school (our nurse and principal) that told me I needed to go see it.

So i took an hour off work to meet up with Ryan and head over to the house.
We looked at the house first, before anyone else, shortly after that.
We fell in love.
but we asked if we could think and pray about the house before making a final decision. 
She said yes.

The next day we were in Kansas City, MO and ryan and I had spent time talking and praying together on our anniversary trip.
In the parking lot, on the way into Worlds of Fun, we called the craigslist lad and accepted.
and now, two weeks later after moving and hauling stuff over, we're finally sitting cozy on our couch, enjoying the very last evening of summer vacation.

it has large windows.
and THREE glass storm doors. 
and a kitchen big enough for our family!
lots of sunlight shines through into the house! 
the house is the right size for us:)
it's a sweet little place, just the way i like it. not too big, not too little, juuuust right.

Only because this is the place in the house that is almost finished, i'm going to share some pics with you of our kitchen!

use your imagination.
and imagine this kitchen with kiddos running around in it it.
holding up their plates to the stove i'll be cooking at.
eating in the kitchen.
and all the other goodies that comes with kids.
it's perfect for us.

[the coffee corner, the owls and their new home, and the little sweet corner that i'll work at!]
[the little breakfast nook only has one chair right now. the others died horrible deaths when the kids rocked on them and broke them.]

oh, and another thing we're so excited about
we're pretty thrilled to have a backyard. ryan did lawn work, and we're both excited to have the excuse to go out and work on the lawn!
in the words of Damian, "WOW! your yard!!!! We can play frisbee, and baseball, and football, and everything!!!!" 
yep, we're excited to do all those things with our kids too:)

the pictures don't really do the place justice. 
I think ya'll should just stop on by and have a cup of coffee with us!

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