Saturday, August 13, 2011

2nd Anniversary Trip

With all the craziness that has been going on in our lives, I haven't had the chance to update ya'll on the lives of the Brandenbergers.

we celebrated our 2nd anniversary on August 8, 2011! I was all set to blog that morning about our anniversary, but the events of the day, scratch that, the week, prevented me from doing so.

But here we are, at TWO of years of marriage - and I'm more in love with this man than ever! 
Ryan is my best friend, my sweetheart, and my baby:).
As we step into a new part of life (that I will elaborate on soon), I can't help but look forward to the years that God blesses us with together. 

For now, I love our little family of two:)

Each anniversary we have, our hope is to get away just the two of us for a few days. Last year, we went up to Minneapolis, MN and this year, we hit up Kansas City, MO! 

I'll let the pics show you a glimpse of our time there.

We stayed at a really fun place right near the Kansas City Royals stadium. 
it had a Coco key waterpark attached to it:)
Breakfast is always the highlight of each morning for me:) Cuz it comes with coffee for the day! we spent most of our mornings at IHOP.
We have a plan to hit one major amusement park a year...and Worlds of Fun in Kansas City was the chosen one this year.
To be honest? It didn't really compare to the other amusement parks that we've already hit up-but it had a great waterpark which was soooo convenient on the hot sticky day that we were there!:)
[only brought my cell phone camera into the park. Rebel didn't go with us.]

 My coffee love and I were reunited once again:)
  hotel rooms are wonderful for jumping on the bed...
anyone else do it?

 and hot tubs and pools...
love ending my days there.
 Frozen Yogurt runs are soooo good on summer nights.

 the next day, we hit up the Country Club Plaza downtown...
I love the shopping life here.

We had our Anniversary dinner here at Brio. 
They had WONDERFUL appetizers and dishes there. 
It made us reminisce back to our dates in Chicago. 

I have a unique love for Bridges. I think it's cuz back home in SC it's a favorite of mine...we always had to cross a couple of them to drive back home:)
Our last day we went down to the Crown Center and checked out the Hallmark factory, Crayola centers, and the sweet shopping center there.
We really enjoyed the Hallmark was incredible how each card is made!!! 
I loved finding the different hallmark Christmas ornaments that I had over the years with my family:)

I even got to meet this old lady!
She was very pleasant!
There ya go, ya'll...a quick peek at our glorious time away from everything and everyone and just the two of us:) 

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