Wednesday, October 20, 2010

bundle up!

we have pretty harsh winters here in Iowa.
and our new families from Burma aren't quite ready for it.
many people from the school staff here in Storm Lake donated coats, sweaters, boots, blankets, shirts, pants, and lots of other things to help them get ready for the cold ahead.

i had the joy of being the ambassador of it and seeing their faces light up in glee as they looked through the clothes that had taken over our backseat and trunk of the car.

know what else is cool though?
there's more clothes coming from more school staff!
it hasn't stopped coming.
people are still giving.
we got to hit three different locations with multiple families spilling out of the homes to try on clothes.

thanks, God!
how you provide!!!!!

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AmyK said...

That's awesome! I was thinking the other day that all of these extra blankets and warm clothes that we have stashed in our house would be much more appreciated by people that are out there freezing and might not have a warm blanket to come home to--or even a home at all.
Thanks for reminding me and inspiring me :)