Wednesday, February 17, 2010

our cozy dining area:)


We found a beautiful new dining room table for a very low price! and to think, we found it in Chicago:) We'd been eating dinners on the floor, so I was so excited to get these new additions to our cozy lil home!:)
isn't it cute?:) what do you think?


the chairs aren't terribly comfortable, so we got seat pads:) and i think they're precious!


we also got a beautiful lil side table/shelf to set my lamp on. haha, yes, we purchased this especially for my special beautiful lamp:) i like it alot:)


I feel blessed-we got all this for a fantastic LOW price for great brand new furniture:) (the low price part is one of my favorite parts:))

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Dayna said...

Oh those look like Ikea! I love Ikea! Very cute!