Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a REAL country fair...er, i mean, County fair....

after a fun time at the soccer fields with Ryan's 3rd and 4th grade team, we headed out to the Clay County fair, at the recommendation of one of the kids' mom. it was my first real country fair, and wow, was it interesting. i felt like i was in a country midwestern movie, with kids all over the place in cowboy hats and boots, and cattle walking around like it was their own little downtown chicago!

this fair had everything that Babe the movie would have had in it...or charlotte's web:
rides, people, and lots of food.
i got a giant pickle, and i found my my husband's favorite fair treat is taffy!
there were lots of little places to shop, it looked like a little market place...and then there were the barns to look at all the animals for sale and for show...it smelled like awful, like i'd fallen into a hole of poop...i held my nose for half of the way in-and then noticed people snickering around me as i tip toed my way around all the "mud" puddles.
there were old cars that Ryan loved.

weirdly enough, they put these little costumes on the animals...i think it makes them look spooky...and not cute whatsoever.
there were fluffy animals everywhere...i even caught some farmers vacuuming their cows!

and of course giant Tonka toys that Ryan went all googoo gah-gah over:) turns out these were the kinds of machinery he worked with in high school:)

there were animals with funky hairdos (i told them they needed to sue the person who did their hair...) and of course, Wilbur sat happily in his pen, snorting away! My bacon breakfast the next day did not look as appealing as it used to.
oh and check it out...people like to walk their COWS here in the midwest!
haha, well, here you all are, a look into what goes on in the midwest...just a bit of all i'm getting used to here!:)


Rondell said...

Ooh I love me some salt water taffy, I LOVE it!

dandy said...

city girl. you crack me up.