Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a day in smallville...

on a lovely afternoon, Ryan and I drove out to Audubon to drove out to see my family's good friends, the Cerrillos. We knew them back in South Carolina and then lived in North Carolina at the same time, and they were the youth directors of our church. now they live in a tiny town of Audubon, where there are only like two thousand people! It reminded me of Smallville:) We went to see Ryan, sophomore in highschool, as he played in his first game. It was lots of fun, and Mr. Lou treated us to some Fareway brats:)
heres Stephen, Paul, and Mr. Lou and Ms. Sue
Luis and his buddies...and stephen:)
Ryan's kicking off!!

played a great game, and they won too!
we spent the rest of the evening with them over at their house, and it was such a refreshment to be with them. I left so encouraged and motivated by them:)
Check out Stephen's sweet little jersey...

Oh and Here's a pic of MY new guitar, given to me from Mr. Lou!!! I'm so excited to learn to play guitar! Isn't it so pretty?

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