Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lannie B. Handmade

So, if you know anything about me, you'll know one major thing...
i adore COLOR.

Bright Colors.
Mixing and matching colors and patterns..
It's just my thing.

So when Lannie B. Handmade gave me the opportunity to collaborate with her,

I was beyond ecstatic.

I'm gonna gush for a second because I am the least creative person in the history of the world.
I mean, i painted a birdhouse neon blue in high you think any bird in it's right mind ever went near it?
not a one.

Lannie B Handmade is the talent behind beautiful garlands, skirts, and apparel. 
She asked what I was thinking for a garland, and all I did was show a picture of Lux's room, and she came up with the perfect decor for Lux's reading nook. (which also serves as a backdrop for many of Lux's shoots!:)) 

Can you say "perfect" for Lux?
 They're really well stitched together.
and the individual shapes aren't flimsy like felt. 
Here are some close ups of the stitching.

 As I'm piecing Lux's room together, we might be revolving everything around these garlands, because they are just. that. perfect. for Lux's personality.

Here's our test run for pics with the touch of color from the garland.

It might have been successful if Lux wasn't such a goofball:).
I think you might be seeing many more pics of her in front of these goodies.

Lannie B Handmade  makes all sorts of garlands, 
Christmas, Halloween, shapes, glitter, glamour, the works.

It's one of those shops that makes you swoon for decor.
String em all over the house if i could.

Head over to Lannie B Handmade for these garlands, but also to get geared up for football season, as she makes the sweetest little skirts for girls to cheer along side their daddy's favorite football team!

you'll be seeing quite a bit of this lady's talents on my blog.
Now please check out the shop and support this small business! (the prices are awesome too...did i mention that yet?!)

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