Friday, December 7, 2012

Baby feet

On my way out from work, I stopped in the hallway to see one of God's greatest miracles.
A newborn baby.
It's never hit me as hard as it did yesterday how incredible cool it was the God created this little being.
One of the ladies I work with had her very brand new grandson visiting her-which gave all of us ladies a chance to ooh and aah over his teeny fingers, perfect lips, and kissable cheeks. He was so cute.
But when she asked if I wanted to hold him, it totally took my breath away.
Literally...took my breath away
Like, I couldn't breathe because I started blubbering the second she placed him in my arms.
I couldn't stop crying over how sweet and innocent a newborn baby was.
I was holding this tiny person and imagining the teenier tinier person that's growing inside of me and that I'll get to snuggle, hold, and kiss in just 6 months. 

Unfortunately, I had to give the baby back because my tears were streaming down my face quicker than rain, and I didn't want to drown the baby boy. But my tears didn't stop there.
When I got in the car, Ryan looked at me and said, "What's wrong?!"
I sobbed, "There was a baby!!!!! "

He just laughed, rubbed my knee as I cried about how incredible a baby is, and how tiny he was, and how we have one coming.

Don't know if you could tell, but I'm just thrilled to the bone about the miracle growing inside of me; the one that's making me cry at a moment's notice, and the one that's made me gain a pound, and the one that starting to make a visible statement that he/she is coming. 
(that's right! my baby bump is starting!:-D)

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morgan at said...

can't imagine what that must be like, growing a human being in side of me, that is. but i am sure that is is a wonderful feeling. congrats on your baby bump!