Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a week of ends and beginnings

Many happenings this past week: 

-We voted! (Alexio did too!)

- Our foster child of one whole year has transitioned out of our home - it's an interesting change after a year, not having the usual singing, thumping, talking, and squealing that we normally heard! 
We had a little goodbye party for him-steaks and cake with some of his favorite guys that have been in his life this past year. 

- Halloween was a treat; 
it was the first week night evening Ryan and I have had together in our home, and we enjoyed the slow trickle of trick or treaters that came to the door. 
Alexio greeted all the trick or treaters, hoping they had come to see him.

- My body is experiencing different changes with this pregnancy. 
The symptoms I'm getting are pretty light compared to what I've read about, but mostly I'm dealing with food aversions (not wanting to eat much of anything these days...except for milk) and just plain tiredness. 
Nausea hits me in the middle of the day and later at night, so I try to overcome it by staying still and keeping my belly full. Haven't puked yet though! Mainly just queasy and feeling odd.

Experiencing life with just Ryan and I has been a welcome change. 
With Baby BB on the way, we're cherishing the time that we have with just the two of us. Because come seven months from now, we'll be a family of three