Friday, October 5, 2012

the southern gal in me

Usually, my week day begins at 4:30 A.M.
I never thought I'd be that one that'd get up before the world to get a workout in before the rest of the town wakes up.
But I am.
I prefer to get my workouts done before work, so that after work, I can enjoy my family and my time at home. Dinner and baking are usually my agenda after work, and then we all walk together after dinner. 
such a great way to spend my after work time...
so that's why i have my mornings to work out-so i don't have to sacrifice time with my husband to do it.

Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday are my gym days. 
That's when I head over to our Anytime Fitness and do a strength training. 

Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, are my running outside days. 
I've never been a runner until this point of my life, but starting at half a mile last spring and practically dying, to four miles now and feeling like I could run forever if I had the luxury of time to do it, I'm proud of myself for the work I've done to get in shape.

Eating well, and living a balanced life with structure makes me happy.

Until today.
I couldn't get myself to leave the warmth of my house.
It was in the 20's this morning, and I could not find any good reason to run in that.
Cold makes me miserable.
And it's beginning.

I think I may have to start a new routine, because it's too miserably cold to run in those low temps.
I like to stay in shape, but i'm not crazy!
I might have to switch to afternoons and evenings for higher temps.
[Outdoor pics taken on Sunday morning at a little before 7 A.M.]
[the only day i get to see the sun come up after my run is on Sundays, so i took this shot because my street just looked so pretty with the colors]
Whether it's a gym day or a running day, I always get back by 6 A.M. 
That's my rule.
Because I like to get back with enough time to brew coffee, hit the shower, and climb back into bed by 6:25, refreshed and clean with my coffee, Bible and journal.
Then I enjoy slowly drinking my coffee, reading, and writing til 7:10. 
I LOVE my routine.
I hate to break it because of cold weather.
gr, you dropping temps!
So, yes, I'm currently sitting in my warm bed, enjoying my coffee and my sleeping husband next to me.
It's been a busy crazy week, but such a good one!
 I always welcome the weekends after such a good work week.
Maybe I'll run this afternoon instead to celebrate;)

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