Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy 25th birthday to ilene!!!:) from Ryan and Kristine

For ilene's birthday, I flew out to Chicago to surprise her. What a fun time we had! I was sick for two days of it, but the rest of the time was very enjoyable!:) Here are some of my favorite moments with my sister:)

Dinner out with my sister and ryan on her birthday! my fave part was the olive oil (which is what I'm holding) and the parmesan cheese dip....yummy...

don't ya love how that "laugh" is right by his head?:)"

Georgia bull dog game:)
i love old town strolls:)

i miss the beautiful busy streets of chicago!

shopping with ilene is like nothing else in this world...i miss it! I love you ate:) happy birthday!

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dandy said...

mmm. looks like a super fun time. we MISS YOU!!! even lily smiled at your picture today.